Saturday, September 10, 2011

Girl's Camp

I broke down and went to girl's camp this year. (I HATE camping) I wanted to have the experience with the girls. They were all fabulous! Here are some pictures of one of their favorite activites, I will try to add more pictures later when I get them from some of the other leaders.

 The .22 range. Look at that wonderful range master. He was a life saver for the trip!
 The shotgun range, we had men from the ward come up to help us with this activity -we are very greatful they were so willing. That's Sam in the front of the picture with her dad.

Kevin's Pride and Joy

Kevin bought a Mustang Convertible 5.0 GT this summer, he is in heaven!

Las Vegas for our Anniversary

We were able to go to Vegas for the weekend for our Anniversary in May. We got tickets to the Blue Man Group. They were pretty fun to watch!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mexican Cruise - February 2011

 We saw beautiful sunsets every night.

Our ship, the MS Oosterdam, in port at Puerto Vallarta.
 Puerto Vallarta, first stop.

 This is a Walmart and Sam's club right accross from where we docked in Puerto Vallarta.

 Second stop, Mazatlan.

 Our ride to Stone Island to ride ATV's
 This was a random stop on our ATV ride. There's an alligator in that dirty water.

 This is where we were after the ATV's, we just relaxed in the Cantina and had some nachos.

 Last stop, Cabo SanLucas. We swam with dolphins, but didn't have our own cameras with us, I will post that picture later (hopefully).

Our towel creatures, from our Steward Ratno. 

Nelson Family Reunion 2010

First stop, BURGERVILLE! All of us who don't live in the Northwest miss it...

  A quick stop at the Portland Temple

 Getting ready to head to the beach. Look at all those beautiful blue eyes!
 Our favorite game, Ninja!
 Off to the races. There was a 5K to the park, then short races.

 All the runners with the prize suckers.
 Lauren found a banana slug. Grandma licked it to convince the grandkids it was ok. I don't know how many tongues touched that slug, I couldn't get any pictures because I was sick to my stomach.
Girls night. Manicures, pedicures, facials.

 Dax wanted to join in on the fun!
There was a lot of swimming all week. Here's one of the fish - Andrew.
 Aaron playing with grandma.
 Tom and Becky.
 Dax deciding if he really wanted to try the calimari in our "Nelson Amazing Race".
 The Gibbons.
 After the kids had gone to bed one night we played Crainium with all the adults.
Grandma with all her grand-daughters.
 The end of the week... we were all a little tired.